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Thursday, February 4, 2016

An Archive of Video Game Criticism

I have an app called Pocket on my iPhone that let's me save articles from the internet to read later. I got an email yesterday that made me realize that I did an incredible amount of reading on that app last year. According to the email, I was one of the top 5% of readers in Pocket for 2015. I read over a million words, the equivalent of 26 books.

I love video games and I really love reading about video games. The vast majority of articles I read on Pocket are video game-related. From Bow Nigger to Tim Roger's exhaustive analysis of Earthbound, I've read a ton of video game criticism of various types. Reviews, new games journalism, articles on game design, critical readings of games, retrospectives, historical analysis, and articles that analyze specific aspects of games. I just added three more articles to the app this morning. If I'm too busy to read an article, I use Pocket's text-to-speech feature to listen to it as if it were an audiobook. I have amassed a large collection of video game writing from many websites and blogs that I can easily access at any time. It's an archive of great pieces written by great writers. Here is a screenshot of a few articles from my archive:

So, I decided to export my archive into a PDF containing the articles I saved.

Pocket on iTunes

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