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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Some altered and cut content from Gex: Deep Cover Gecko

There is a playable demo of Gex: Deep Cover Gecko(PlayStation 1) in Eidos Demo Disco Volume 4. It contains an early build of one of the game's levels, Clueless in Seattle.

The images to the left are from the retail version of the game. The images to the right are from the Eidos demo.

In the retail version, this bear was an enemy that would walk around and attack the player. In the demo, it just stands in one spot. Yet, touching the bear in the demo depletes a bit of the player's health bar. Attacking it will stop it from hurting the player until they reenter the room.

Clueless In Seattle uses the mystery genre as its theme. So, Gex, like Sherlock Holmes, uses a magnifying glass throughout the level. In the retail version, using the first-person mode brings up a magnifying glass. In this demo, the first-person mode does not bring up the magnifying glass at all.


Gex's butler, Alfred, does not appear at all in this demo. The wall was replaced with a window in the retail version.

In the retail version, the player has to stand on a symbol of a magnifying glass and use the first-person mode to access the level's mini-games. In the demo, you simply touch a 3D model of a magnifying glass.

Costumes in DCG is a mechanic that gives the player new abilities. In this demo, you can play this mini-game while wearing the vampire costume. In the retail version, you cannot.

The remotes in the demo are from a previous Gex game and were most likely used as placeholders. In the retail version, they look different.  Here are some other differences I found in the demo:

  • This level had much more coins than the final version.
  • Enemies had incomplete death animations.
  • A very small change in the control scheme.

Moving on, the trailer below reveals a lot of changes and cut content from the game.

  • The beginning of the video shows Gex without clothing.
  • At 0:15 you can see a part of a Western-themed  level that is not in the retail version at all. 
  • The coins are completely different.
  • The camera icons shown in the bottom right corner are from Gex 2. 
  • 0:22 reveals a strange box icon.
  • At 0:25 you can see more content from the scrapped Western level.
  • At 1:07, the bear statue has a plaque.
  • The stove enemies at 1:30 are absent in the final version.

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