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Friday, October 21, 2016

Ugetsu Kitan

Alt-Name  雨月奇譚
Release Type:  Official Release
Developer(s):  Will
Publisher(s):  Tonkin House
Platform:  PlayStation [JP]
Genre:  Visual Novel, uses a point-and-click interface.
Credits: http://raido.moe/staff/ps1/ps1_ugetsu_kitan.html
Item Number:  SLPS-00391
Release Date: July 5 1996 (two years after the PlayStation's launch in Japan)
Gameplay Footage: Youtube (Full-length playthrough)
Description: A remake of the PC98 game that was released in 1992. Both games are based on Ugetsu Monogatari, a collection of nine supernatural tales by the Japanese author Ueda Akinari. Unlike the PC98 version, this game's presentation is a combination of digitized sprites, 3D polygonal models, and artwork that is wildly varied. You can watch footage of the PC98 version here.

Synopsis from: http://endaso.blogspot.com/2014/03/playstation-horror-sound-novels.html

The protagonist has been bed-ridden in a hospital for some time as a result of a disease, and feels an enormous amount of despair. While contemplating suicide on the roof, he hears a girl's voice speak out from behind him: "You won't die comfortably." In pursuit of the girl, the young man eventually enters a haunted house as well as a series of mazes. The game utilizes a point-and-click interface and feels more like an adventure game than a standard sound novel.

Below are screenshots of the game's packaging, the PlayStation version of the game, and the original PC98 version.





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