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Monday, July 10, 2017

"y u come to me?"

This was the message I received at the end of a match in Friday the 13th. It was also how I unintentionally fucked over another player.

It was late in the game. I was playing as Vanessa and had surprising success at evading Jason. While waiting for the cops to appear, I hid in the bathroom of a cabin and locked the door. The only survivor besides me was a player who had been revived as Tommy Jarvis. According to my map, he was hiding outside and probably waiting for the cops to arrive like I was.

Jason sensed my location and started to chop away at the bathroom door. Armed with a pocket knife and a flare gun, I held the L2 button and focused my aim on the door. Jason finally destroyed it and I shot the flare gun at him to stun him. Unfortunately, the bathroom is a tiny space and Jason is a large man. As a result, he blocked my exit as his stun animation started. I was trapped.

Once he recovered, Jason grabbed me but my pocket knife gave me a free escape. I rushed outside and headed towards Tommy Jarvis. I most likely revealed his location. We both ended up dead and the match was over.

I sent the player an apology in the form of a message. The game picked me to play as Jason in the next match. I sent the guy a quick message before leaving the starting area: “I’ll let you live.” I thought this would be fair after I got him killed.

What I didn’t remember was that when you play as Jason, the usernames of the other players are not exposed. So the person that I was going to let live ended up being the first victim. As Jason was strangling a counselor, I got two messages: “no”. “Don’t kill me”. Whoops. He sent me another message calling me a liar and wanting revenge. I intended to stay in the lobby for the next match, but the game disconnected me.


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